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TutorAway | Design and Technology
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Welcome to TutorAway.Info

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Will Fleksy replace your smartphone’s default keyboard?

If you know me personally, then you know how much I hate texting. It’s not the actual act of texting or anything, I just don’t like the experience of typing on a smartphone. For example, if I get an important email that requires me to......

Google’s Nexus 6 – Prodigious

The month of September and October 2014 has been the months of phablets with the launch of both the iPhone 6 Plus and the Galaxy Note 4, but now users can choose yet another Google’s prodigious Nexus 6 phablet as well. Google, took the wraps......

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Laverna, reverse-security notes

Laverna is a note taking app where the client is online and your data is kept by you, encrypted if you want, offline on your computer or on a cloud. This keeps you in control of your data all of the time and only you......

New Google phone will curb your gargantuan appetite for phablets

http://gty.im/174347863   This whole compulsion with phablets has gone to another level. Consumers thriving thirst for these large devices has Samsung, Google , and Apple scrambling to meet customer demand.   Samsung recently announced…...


MyBase Desktop Outliner 

High-quality Freeform Database Program and Knowledge Base Management Software I used this while at uni for gathering the piles of info needed for the PGCE. A good ‘container’ database as well, keeping all the files in their original formats....