Here is an introduction page about what Design Technology essentially is, what the fundamental difference between design technology and science, engineering or art, and describes how this may be undertaken in a design company.


Here are descriptions for some of the projects students have done. These including the brief which the students are introduced to at the start of each project, as well as the resource needed and predicted outcomes from each project.


A gallery showing some of the projects students have completed. These photos show projects at the different stages of : research, design, planning, making and evaluation to show the steps taken and progression made.


Here is a catalogue of some of the theory components of Design Technology covering fundamental areas like processes, tools, and materials. It will also contain guides to topics like drawing and the use of cams.


This section is a link directory to many sites that teachers and students use for all aspects of education, not just Design Technology. Some are based around categories relating to education specific sites but many are just general good resources.


This section contains a list of resources for specific subjects in Design Technology like Systems & Control or Resistant Materials. It also links to other resources which are good sources of information generally for Design Technology.

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